National Criminal History Checks

Willyama makes it easy to conduct fast and accurate background checks on your current and potential employees.

Understanding a National Criminal History Check

A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check—or police check—is often required when applying for employment, Australian citizenship, an appointment to positions of trust and a variety of licensing and registration schemes.

It helps organisations make informed decisions about the suitability of applicants for employment in sensitive or otherwise specialist roles.

What’s involved in completing an application?

Applicants will be required to provide personal information and documentation to prove their identity. Providing robust and accurate information will help ensure a timely and accurate assessment. Applicants must also provide informed consent.

Timely & Accurate Results

Willyama aims to provide 95% of national ciriminal and police history checks within 10 business days or less. Around 70% of checks are completed in minutes.

How long will a national criminal history check take?

Willyama aim’s to process 95% of police checks within 10 business days, noting that:

  • around 70 per cent of police checks are completed in real-time with results being returned to the organisation that requested the check within minutes

  • around 30 per cent of police checks are referred to one or more police agencies because a ‘potential match’ is found. On limited occasions, this process can take longer than 10 business days to process, due to the complexity of the check.

A ‘potential match’ may be found if the applicant shares similar details with other individuals recorded in police systems, particularly if they have a common name. Processing of a police check in these instances can take longer to progress.

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