Employment Services

Our Employment Services Team works with local community groups to identify, promote and create employment opportunities for indigenous job seekers.

Working to connect employers and indigenous job seekers

Our Indigenous Employment Services team works closely with organisations and local communities to promote indigenous employment.

Our team will support your organisation by providing dedicated and ongoing support, as well as promoting opportunities for training and development of indigenous employees.

In The Community

Willyama has an extensive history of community engagement and Reconciliation Action Plan experience. We’ve worked closely with the Australian Government to enable a range of initiatives including the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Scheme.

Service Offering

Willyama is proud to partner with our local communities and businesses to promote and enhance indigenous employment opportunities.

Job Matching

Willyama works with employers and the community to find suitable indigenous candidates in all fields of employment.

Training & Development

We’re committed to providing ongoing skill development and technical training to both indigenous employers and employees.

Job Ready Preperation

We work closely with our indigenous employee candidates to ensure that they’re job-ready with preparation training.

Ongoing Support

We’re committed to providing long-term consultation and support to your organisation through cultural awareness training.

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