Enterprise Technology

Willyama understands that in the modern technology era there is an ever-increasing need to have robust, reliable and secure information technology.

Complete Service Spectrum

Willyama provides a range of information technology services with extensive experience in classified networking, planning and establishment.

In addition to getting your network off the ground, we offer a full security certification service with accredited Information Security Registered Assessors (IRAP), with a proven track record working for various Australian Government Departments and Agencies.

End To End Deployment

We’re with you for the long run. Willyama provides high-level network planning, design and rollout nationwide. All of our services are backed by accredited security assessments.

Network Design

Let us take the pain out of planning your infrastructure, Willyama can provide high-level network design to meet your business needs.

Security Accreditation

Our certified Information Security Registered Assessors provide peace of mind and certainty when dealing with classified networks.

Asset Distribution

Our national distribution network backed by our Linfox Partnership can provide fast and secure deployment of network assets across Australia.

National Asset Distribution

As a Linfox Partner, Willyama is uniquely suited to provide national distribution of technology assets supporting nationwide network rollout and classified information technology asset distribution.

Service Offering

We’re dedicated to providing a professional and holistic approach to meeting your information technology requirements.


Network Design & Establishment

We will work with you to design a network that meets your business needs and its establishment.

Information Management Systems

Willyama provides application management of highly classified Information Management Systems.

Cloud Ready Solutions

Willyama is ready to bring your business to the cloud by providing high avalibility solutions.

Asset Distribution

We provide nationwide distribution of both standard and classified information technology assets.

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