Whether you’re a small business, an enterprise or a government department, Willyama is here to ensure that you and your business reach your goals.

Information Technology & Cyber Security

Willyama provides a range of information technology services with extensive experience in classified networking planning, establishment, and Information Security Registered Assessors (IRAP) certification.

Management Consulting

Our business consulting team is ready to help your business achive operational excellence through the provision of capability assessments, reporting and governance compliance monitoring.

Employment Services

Willyama is proud to partner with our local community and business to promote and enhance indigenous employment opportunities through job matching, employee training and ongoing support.

National Logistics

Our dedicated governance team are comprehensively and extensively experienced in the establishment and review of non-government organisation boards for both domestically based operations and internationally engaged programs.

Our Full Service Focus

Willyama is committed to providing a wide and diverse range of services to our government, enterprise and small business customers.

Network Design & Establishment

We will work with you to design a network that meets your business needs and establish it for you.

Security Certification

Willyama provides Information Security Registered Assessors (IRAP) to ensure your network is compliant.

Cloud Ready Solutions

Willyama is ready to bring your business to the cloud providing high availibity solutions.

Asset Distribution

We provide nation wide distribution of both standard and classified information technology assets.

Job Matching

Willyama works with employers to find suitable indigenous candidates in all fields of employment.

Upskilling & Training

We’re committed to providing ongoing skill development and technical training to our employees.

Job Ready Preperation

We work closely with our candidates to ensure that they’re job ready with preparation training.

Ongoing Support

We’re committed to providing long term support to both our employees and employers.


We’re is able pick up, securely store, manage and deploy your assets wherever you’re located.

"We're Working With The Community To Promote Indigenous Employment Opportunities Wherever We Can"

– K Hynes

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